Lidé po celém světě vzdávají HOLD AUSTRÁLII uměním! Dojemné a smutné zároveň.


Austrálie zažívá v poslední době nejhorší požáry v historii. Zničena byla již plocha téměř velká jako území České republiky, o domov přicházejí a umírají miliony zvířat a mezi obětmi je i pár lidí. Spoustu známých lidí již přispělo nemalým finančním darem a někteří lidé kromě finančních darů dokonce i namalovali obrazy jako vyjádření smutku pro Austrálii. Tyto obrázky vás dojmou k slzám. 🙁

1. Pomocnou ruku podá každý, kdo může.

2. Hasič zachraňující mláďata.

3. Mláďata koal a klokanů často přicházejí o svojí rodinu.

4. Malý a velký.

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As many of you guys may have already heard, Australia is burning. The bushfires have ravaged countless homes, destroyed millions of acres of land, and taken the lives of millions of animals across our country. It’s heartbreaking to watch all the footage of what’s going on, and right now our country needs all the help it can get. I want to contribute my part and donate to the efforts, so for the next week I’d like to donate 100% of any profits from my store (link is on my profile) to the @redcrossau and @wildlifevictoria. There’s not much on my store unfortunately, but it’s the least I can do to help. There are also numerous other organisations that you can donate directly to. Any amount of support helps those fighting for their lives, and for their homes. Despite all the loss, it’s incredible to see that people from all over the world are banding together to aid the efforts. #australiaisburning #bushfire #redcross #cfa #wildlife

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5. Vzájemná pomoc mezi zvířaty.

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#saveaustralia The numbers are nothing. Statistics are nothing. The next news about fires is nothing if we ourselves do not want to help our planet Earth. But we hear, watch and read news about 500 million dead animals due to the global global fire in Australia. This is worse than war. We are slowing down and waiting for the receipt of money to extinguish the fire. When animals and forests die at this time. It is very sad that we are fixated on finances. Let's save our "Home", let's think about the future right now! We are people, we are intelligent creatures, and animals cannot protect themselves. I, on behalf of all the inhabitants of planet Earth, urge all the authorities of the countries of the world to create a unified, independent organization of emergency situations to help extinguish large fires and prevent them. I hope our call will be heard by all those who are not indifferent to the fate of our planet Earth🙏 . . . #trueheroes #saveplanetearth #saveanimals

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6. Modlitba pro Austrálii.

7. Hluboká myšlenka.

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Lately, the news around the world has been awful. I posted this in my stories multiple times, but one of the things that several artists are raising awareness for is the Australian fires. . If you didn’t know, Australia is literally on fire. ONE BILLION animals are estimated to have died. More than 17.9 million acres have been burned in Australia so far. This is larger than the countries of Belgium and Denmark combined! It’s so bad, that the smoke is affecting other countries. . Please, please consider assisting by donating or sharing. It may seem like such a small gesture, but even a single share or donation amount counts. . Thank you! Please see a link in my bio for one of many places you can donate.

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8. Alespoň my jsme si zbyli…

9. I na malé ploše se toho dá vyjádřit hodně.

10. Jedna jediná větev zbyla.

11. Mláďata často berou lidi jako svojí náhradní mámu.

12. Za záchranu naší milované země.

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We are absolutely devastated by the news out of Australia. The wildfires have sadly taken the lives of millions of animals and have injured many more. It's no secret that we are huge lovers of all animals here. We have created this digital, downloadable: "Help the Animals of Australia" print and are donating 100% of proceeds to helping with the rescue of these animals. We know we have a lot of really amazing followers from Australia – we would love suggestions on the very best charities to give the proceeds of the sale! Link to donate in our profile – once purchased you will instantly receive a digital download of this print! Thank you all and we love you Australia! #australia #australian #australianbushfires #australianfires #koala #koalabear #koalas #koalasofinstagram #kangaroo #kangaroos #animals #animalrescue #savethekoalas #pleasehelp #help #rescue #donate

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13. I na obličeji se dají vytvořit tyto krásné obrazy.

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🌏PRAY FOR AUSTRALIA🌏 ____ 🇬🇧 Australia needs our help, please donate to the @wildlifewarriorsworldwilde _____ 🇮🇹L'ennesima catastrofe, le ennesime immagini che ci strappano il cuore dal petto. Più di 6,3 milioni di ettari di terra sono in fiamme, tanti animali morti compresi 8000 koala..Possiamo fare qualcosa nel nostro piccolo, donare quello che possiamo e sperare che questo incubo finisca. Clicca sul link: Per fare una donazione a @wildlifewarriorsworldwilde che si sta occupando attivamente del salvataggio degli animali feriti. ____ #prayforaustralia #australiansheperd #saveaustralia  #saveaustralianwildlife #australia #australians #testandtell @makeupforblackwomen  @peachyqueenblog @wakeup2slay @makeupyfy @makeupforwomenofcolor #vintynellie #makeuplook #makeupdolls #makeupobssesed #wakeupandmakeup #makeupmafia #inssta_makeup #makeupvideoss #hudabeautylifeliner #hudabeautypowerbullet #makeupartistworldwide #shimycatsmua

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14. Hluboká myšlenka.

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Australia bushfire crisis started in 2019 and unfortunately doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Fueled by extreme heat the fires in Australia have already surpassed the outspoken Amazon rainforest fires 🔥 . I’m afraid not many people realize the severity of this disastrous event. To give you a better understanding the land area devastated in Australia is almost 100 times larger than the area burned in California wildfires last year . I can’t help being thoroughly sad and disturbed by this awful tragedy 😥 Over a billion animals have already perished 😣 . This illustration is my way of releasing the overwhelming emotions of sadness and worry . Feel free to share this post to increase the awareness of this disaster 🔥 . . . #australiafires #australiabushfires #ecology #bushfiresaustralia

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15. Můj nový mazlíček…

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25 people. 1 billion animals. 25 thousand koalas. 10.7 million hectares. Numbers still rising. I couldn’t stay quiet, but I couldn’t move either. This world is turning scarier by the minute, darker, burning either due to fires or wars. Many know about Australia’s bushfires, burning up for over 4 months now and there’s no prediction on when this hell will end. Do you know what can never end though? Hope. Faith. Love. Actions. We all feel in our hearts the weight of doing what we are doing to our planet and all living beings who live here with us. A massive weight but this can’t be it. We use our hands to do evil, but also to do good. So let’s wake up and do something. Even the smallest thing can make the difference. Sorry for this long post but I’ve been feeling so… I had to do something. Let’s raise awareness together, let’s use our voices in this community, let’s donate even with 1 euro or dollar or anything, let’s volunteer, let’s do good in our own countries, let’s speak and speak and not stay silenced. Use what you best have to offer to help others. Either writing or drawing or building or even a simple hug. I was very emotional while doing this post, this art, but I’m trying to be short here (yeah, short) because I’ve got so many questions, so much to say but it all comes down to this: help the world, pray for those who suffer, protect the innocent and fight the devils. Thank you for reading. . . . . . . #australia #bushfiresaustralia #art #artwork #episode #noticemeepisode #donate #koalas #savetheplanet #savetheanimals #savethebiodiversity #fightfire #protect #speak #saveaustralia #redcross #wwf #noticemeepisodecreators #noticemeaxiom

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